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Boots on the ground
== Welcome to Louisiana! ==
The group will be is divided into XX 10 teams, one for each section, and two exclusive teams; one to handle PURs, the other for the Waze provided problem sheet. Each team will have their own assigned senior editor (level 6 or 5) who will be able to edit anywhere in the Raid area, but will focus on their assigned section.
=== Raid areas ===
The MapRaid! is being divided up by into 10 teams. You can see The team areas are shown in the ## <!---- insert interactive google map link here ----> ## with all below; below the teams, and PUR areas drawn out ## <!---- inserted google map PUR here ----> ##are links to points within each team area
==== Raid groups ====
!!!!!!!! IMAGE ##[[File:LA_MMR.JPG|600px|]]{{clear}}[ PUR areas 1 Raid Area 1][ Raid Area 2][ Raid Area 3][ Raid Area 4][ Raid Area 5][ Raid Area 6][ Raid Area 7][ Raid Area 8][ Raid Area 9]!!!!!!!!! IMAGE IF NEEDED ##[ Raid Area 10]
== Mission ==
<!---- Boots on the ground will be handled by the main MMR page. Insert the link here --->
First, try the local slack channel for your area: '''#mmr-louisiana'''
If you don't have success there, you can post a request to the '''Boots on the Ground''' sheet, to be explored by local editors. To place a new request, or respond to an existing request, please use [// this form].
[// View this list full-screen in Google Sheets]
'''''New feature:''''' Boots responders can click the '''Navigation Link''' on a Waze-enabled device, or copy and send/save it for later use. It will open Waze and navigate to the coordinates at the center of the permalink.
== Results ==
The following editors have all earned our respect, and gratitude for a job well done. Not all received a promotion, but all were noticed and appreciated.
== Teams Groups =={{Anchor|Team assignments|Teams}}Future..{{MapRaid teams/MMR Louisiana}}
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