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=== Road Closed ===
<blockquote>Volunteer Editor responding: Thank you for your report. In the event of a road closure, please use the feature in the app under Report -> Closures to alert and assist other drivers. It often takes a few days for closures added by Volunteer Editors to make its way into the system, and most of the time closures are done before then. Was this a longer term closure? If so, where exactly was it closed? </blockquote>
===Signal Turn Avoidance===
This is for when Waze directs the user to turn, u-turn, turn back onto same street, ostensibly to avoid a signal.
<blockquote> There are no issues with the intersection’s turn restrictions. Waze's developers are working on a fix for this issue but we do not have an ETA. Please feel free to use the turn until the issue is resolved. Thanks!</blockquote>