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Spanish text on English page

  • Erm... why is this page in Spanish? It has an English title, it is linked from an English Main Page, so... I don't get it. (Jms87 - Dec 2, 2010)
    • I have NO IDEA. This is the second time that someone has edited a page into another language in the English section. I presume they are working on the translation or something, but this isn't the place to do that. I'm rolling it back to the English version. (unwallflower - Dec 3, 2010)

Unsplit instructions

Time Restrictions

With time restrictions available in the editor, this section should be updated.

How To Split a Road

Currently there are only instructions on how to unsplit a road. We need instructions on how to properly SPLIT a road without deleting or adding any new segments, to preserve the historical traffic data.

move don'ts to the top of each section

So I get that we want everyone to read the wiki, but with new users every day we need to make it clear from the top of each section of the wiki the do nots of the map edit process.

Specifically things that will get you banned or demoted. The wiki is a lot to absorb and it's easy enough to make issues in map because you didn't read the wiki let alone not fully reading every section until the very end.

I am willing to work on the wiki (just moving these things to the top) but don't want to touch it until some discussion has been hashed out. I want to help prevent users from getting frustrated because they thought they read enough and ended up making a huge mistake with a seemingly minor addition to the map.

Discussions for our Wiki is generally in the forums since we all monitor those and most do not monitor the Wiki discussion pages. Also entries should be signed per the Wiki. :-) « kentsmith9 » (talk) 08:31, 12 August 2014 (UTC)