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Added Diamond Interchange section

I am seeing a lot of unrestricted off-ramp to on-ramp unrestricted nodes, so far all in western states. I asked about this in GHO and received a mixed response as to whether that is correct or not. This input is to encourage we continue to restrict off-ramp to on-ramp routing. states it should be restricted.

Does it improve routing behavior confidence to leave the end an off-ramp restricted so that a driver could not be routed back on to the on-ramp (this isn't the way people drive, anyway) -- or to unrestrict it and hope for the best?

Small detour prevention alone, is not a panacea for stopping this behavior, this being especially true if traffic on the main road is highly congested, but the ramps are fairly open. Adding to my concern is that in the past week, I have attended to two (2) URs where people who wanted to turn left were instead routed straight and then told to make a U-turn, then turn right. That's what small-detour prevention was supposed to correct, so this experience tells me it isn't working...or at least not working well.