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The correct naming format is to Capitalize Each Word.
When naming Point Places which are contained within an Area Place in this way, it may be desirable to include the Area's name in the separate Point Place names. If this is desirable, name the Point Places with the specific name first, followed by a hyphen, followed by the Area name, as such:

Point Specific Name - Area General Name

For example, "Faculty of Agriculture - UPM" or "Hush Puppies - Mid Valley Megamall". There are two exceptions: airport Point Places, and emergency rooms.
Primary Name

  • Must in the alphanumeric format.
  • Must follow the actual name that show on their business signboard or the name that show on their official website.
  • For the Gas Station the primary name must clearly indicate the brand of the gasoline a gas station sells.

Alternative Name

  • The name that use/known by local.
  • Any name that are not in the alphanumeric format (Example : 中文, بهاس جاوي , 日本の, 한국의)