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All highways in Thailand are numbered. The number of digits in the number indicates the role for that section of roadway and can be used to help match the classifications used in Waze.

We try to match the naming of highways to the signs drivers are most likely to encounter. The general naming rule is to name the road Hwy followed by the number of the highway (Ex. Hwy 4029). In some areas, these highways may also have a local road name. If you know this name, and are confident of where the use of the name starts and ends, you may add it in parentheses after the road number. If you are unsure, leave the road name out, or add it as an alt name.

Motorways & Expressways Motorways have both names and numbers, while Expressways only have names. Name Expressways as they are official called. Motorways should be entered as their name (if they have one) followed by Hwy and their #.

Rural Roads Rural Roads are highways managed by the local province (changwat). They follow the same naming conventions as federally managed highways, except with the inclusion of a two character prefix indicating the province who maintains them. These follow the same naming and classification as federal highway, however we replace "Hwy" with "Rural Rd" before the number. We do not include the province abbreviation.

# of Digits Waze Class Lock Level Naming Example
1 Freeway L4 Hwy 1 (Phahonyothin Rd)
2 Freeway L4
3 Major Highway L3 Hwy 305
Hwy 407 (Kanchana Wanit Rd)
4 Minor Highway L2 Hwy 4054
Hwy 2085 (Poonnakan Rd)
Motorway Freeway L4 Chonburi Motorway Hwy 7
Motorway Hwy 9
Expressway Freeway (Toll) L4 Si Rat Expressway

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