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The Formal Mentoring program in Thailand is still in its infancy, and is currently being implemented only in English. As more Thai-speaking editors are trained, it will be offered in Thai as well.


Mentoring is the community’s program to teach the approved methods for editing the Waze map. A mentor is an experienced editor who offers help to newer Waze users in a variety of ways. It’s an excellent way to learn, share our experience and build a stronger community.
There are two approaches: Informal and Formal. Informal mentoring happens every time a Wazer asks a question or seeks help. In Thailand we communicate through our forum, the chat window on the Waze Map Editor (WME) and through the forum and its private messages (PMs), Google Hangouts and Slack. Any Waze editor can help with mentoring informally in this way..

Mentoring benefits

Some benefits of participating in Formal Mentoring for the new Waze member include:

  • Learning the Waze environment and network of people more quickly.
  • Having trusted individuals to ask questions and share ideas freely.
  • Access to a trusted “sounding board” for your ideas and actions to share in confidence.
  • The chance to practice skills above your rank to be ready for promotion.

For the mentor in training, there are also benefits:

  • Increased contribution to the Waze community by sharing your knowledge.
  • Better insight into broader ideas affecting Waze and an increased network of contacts.
  • Improved self-awareness and skill development.
  • By building up other members towards your own level, you reduce the long-term burden on yourself in managing your areas.

Formal Mentoring process

    • Do you want to pick your own mentor? If you don't know one, you may be able to find one in through the forum or Slack.
    • If you're not sure, you will be matched with a potential Mentor.
  1. Work with that Mentor to reach an agreement on your goals.
    • If the Mentor is a match - Begin and complete mentoring.
    • If the Mentor is not a match - Request assistance in terminating the mentorship as peacefully as possible; you may try again with a different Mentor.
  2. Complete the mentorship.

Mentoring resources

The Waze team in Thailand is working on creating classes where groups of new editors can learn some basic skills together. We will provide more information on this as it develops.

In addition, these resources can be adapted to use in any venue of the mentoring program, either through Formal Mentoring, Informal Mentoring, or On Your Own.