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When traffic moves between two roads that are at different grades or elevations, these connecting segments are generally considered ramps in Waze.


The following are to be classified as  Ramp .

The following are not to be classified as  Ramp  unless covered above.

Unique properties

The Ramp type road is unique from other road types in these ways:

  • Ramp names do not appear on the client application map, but do appear in the text for routing directions. Entrance and exit ramps often contain a lot of text which is duplicative of roads already in the area, so this text is suppressed until the user actually needs it. This is also the reason for using the ramp type for named MUTI and jughandle segments—the text is needed for effective navigation instructions, but would needlessly clutter the ramp.
  • Ramps provide an Exit right vs. a Turn right instruction in right-hand traffic countries and Exit left vs. a Turn left instruction in left-hand traffic countries.
  • Ramps will appear on the client map at the highest zoom level, unlike streets and primary streets. This is why they are not used on most at-grade connectors, to prevent lots of little curved road segments across the client map when driving down the roadway with auto zoom enabled.

Information on how to lay out ramps and set the proper angles from the main road can be found in the Junction Style Guide.

For other countries see Road types and names.