User:Triordan History

Waze Editor triordan, also known as TJ Riordan, is a R3 Area Manager for Tampa, New/North Tampa, Land O Lakes, Wesley Chapel areas. The easiest way to contact triordan is in the Southeast channels of the USA Region Slack or by forum PM.

Here you can find a useful links and resources triordan has compiled.

Words of Wazedom

  • Don't Delete! Waze stores enormous amounts of information in almost every piece on the map. Deleting something can do more damage than good. Think before you delete and always ask a higher rank if deleting is appropriate in the situation you face.
  • Always Improve Gas Station PLRs if you can. Since Waze is a driving app and most of use will navigate into a gas station, I think it's rather helpful to have good PLRs (Parking Lot Roads) at gas station destinations for improved routing into and out of gas stations.

Wiki Favorites:

USA/Southeast - waze - wiki for everything Southeast

Junction Style Guide/Intersections - waze - wiki for instructions on how to prevent U-Turns.

Abbreviations and acronyms/USA - wiki for abbreviations when naming road segments

USA/Southeast/City Field - wiki on how to use the City Name field for segments and places in the Southeast.

Places - resource for Waze Places including which type of photos are considered acceptable.

Debug Codes for Waze App

External Resources:

33Mail - This site provides you with free, disposable anonymous e-mail addresses. You get a domain and can use whatever addresses you like to organize your incoming e-mails. The free version has limitations on replies, but this is a great tool to use when a reporter needs to e-mail you photos, etc. without giving away your real e-mail.


Scripts - wiki for general scripts

WME Place Harmonizer - For editors R2 and up. Best script for editing places.

WME Closest Segment - great script to see the closest segment to a Waze Place. This will help you ensure that Waze is routing to the correct segment for the destination.

WME Street View Availability - script for showing whether or not SV is available, great for SL MapRaids. After install, just pickup the SV button and you'll see available views.

WME Validator Localization for the Southeast region - ads SE rules to your Validator script (need to install Validator in addition to this localization)

Open WME in GMM (Google Map Maker) - script for opening GMM based on your current WME view. Great for correcting Google Maps while addressing URs.

Waze Speed Limit WME marker - not technically a script, but this will allow you to report speed limits from your phone via LiveMap UR.

URC References

SE Standards for UR Processing

Avoid hijacking URs that another editor is already working on. If it's been sometime and a response or fix is needed, try PMing the editor on the report to see if they don't mind you taking over. Unless you are a higher rank, you really shouldn't be hijacking URs. URs can be closed after 7 days with no response from reporter.

Solved is if you've actually fixed a problem on the map. if you don't need any more info, and there was an actual map problem, you can reply saying what you've fixed and close with solved.

If you know what it is but it's something that can't be fixed, like signal avoidance, then you mark as Not Identified, and close it once you respond.

If you're not sure what the issue is, then you ask for more info. Then you wait 7 or more days. After 7 days, if no response, then you close as NI, leaving a second comment that "Problem was unclear, and no further info was received, so closing this report"

Infamous Signal Avoidance Issue

Thanks for your report. There doesn't appear to be a map issue at that intersection. Sometimes due to drive data from other Wazers, the routing algorithm may believe it is quicker to make a u-turn rather than wait at the traffic light. However, just like with any other GPS product, you should evaluate the situation before taking its directional advice.

Turning Across Double Yellows

In Florida you can't pass on a double yellow but you can turn left. Here's a good reference. Thanks for your report.

Waze Guidance Starts Wrong Direction

GPS doesn't have a "compass". It relies on movement to know which direction you're going. So when people are parked, GPS / Waze does not know which way to tell you to turn. Once they move 50-100 feet, GPS / Waze will orient correctly

Non-Driving Issues

Waze is a commuter app and does not have the capability to provide waking eta. Google navigation has full support for non private vehicle transportation options.

Forms (Southeast Only)

48 Hour Advertisment PUR Tracking - for reporting issues with Advertised Waze Places.

Segments that need a "Continue Straight" - for suggesting a segment that needs the "continue straight" voice guidance.