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Hello ,

Welcome to Waze Editing!

I was popping around this when I saw your recent edits. I see you have learned how to draw area places and roads. That's a good start. Now, please learn when to draw them, when not to draw them, and how to make sure roads are finished off properly.

The next time you come to the editor, please open up the chat window and ask for an experienced Waze Editor to check your work. A 4 or 5 would do best, but a 3 will do in a pinch. I have CC'd one of the area managers from your part of the map. Please check the wiki for your state to find out who the rest are, and get to know them. They will have the answers to a lot of your questions.

And even before then, please do some reading about and

Especially about parking lots (don't!), excessive parking lot roads, red roads, and area places (as few as possible). And bodies of water that already exist on the live map/app.

All new editors do these things before they learn the ropes. You can see the evidence littered all around the map. But the community is great, and you will learn a lot very quickly. You'll be making high-quality edits in no time.

Thanks for your help with the map.