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This is just a storage space for some of the custom Validator scripts that I use.

Validator Localization

Localization scripts allow you to customize results in Validator that you always want to use while leaving the two manual entries free for more scripts you want to use temporarily(I am currently using the custom entries for the color variance. You will need to have the Validator extension loaded before using these additions.


Localization for Kentucky contains the following:

  • Highway Renaming Project
  • City or County Roads
  • Saint / Street and Doctor / Drive warning
  • Short, Dead End Parking Lots
  • Not Kentucky - Many rural roads have the wrong state listed and it is helpful for letting you know you are getting close to a state border.
  • Incorporated city names - It doesn't check boundaries, but if a segment has a city name that is not an incorporated city in Kentucky it will highlight. (This is being tested only in KY localization currently)
  • Alley PLR check
  • Lock Level by Road Type


Localization for Indiana MeridianHills will be testing it and possibly adding more if he feels something should be added for Indiana.


Localization for Tennessee Released to TN Editor Google Hangout group. It is updated as needed.


Localization for Ohio TerryPurdue is testing it and adding more


Localization for Illinois aeroseek and HawkeyGoal are testing


Localization for Wisconsin

Highway Renaming Project

This script will Highlight incorrect or old Street Names and Alt Names in Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee. I use this primarily for the State Highway renaming project.

Custom Template:


Custom RegExp:

/State Hwy|SR-|SH-|State Rd|Cs-|CS-|Ky-|Tn-|In-|County Hwy|County Rd|Cr-|KY=|IN=|TN=|State Rte|Co Rd/

TTS Issues

Street name with Dr (Doctor), St (Saint) or Jr (Junior) need to have a period after the abbreviation.
eg. St Catherine St is read "Street Catherine Street" in the app.

Custom Template:


Custom RegExp:

/^St |^Dr |Jr /

Short Parking Lots

Highlights Dead end Parking Lot Roads that are shorter than 50m.

Custom Template:


Custom RegExp:


Road Locking

Highlights segments not locked where they should be according to Road Type
Kentucky uses the 54321 standard, this script follows this, but only makes sure ramps are 2 or higher.

Custom Template:


Custom RegExp:



Alleys should be set as a Parking Lot Road

Custom Template:


Custom RegExp:

/.*(Alley| Aly):[^7]/

Road Name Abbreviations

This one is a work in progress to get everything added. Sketch provided the first version of this in the validator forum but I altered it quite a bit.

Custom Template:


Custom Regexp:

!/(Unknown Name| A(cres?|ly|nnex|ve|r(cade|tery))| B(ay|ch|end|lvd|luf|roadway|ypass|YP|r(a(e|nch|ook))?|ottom|(ike|us)way|ayou)| C(enters|t|lb?|hase|ommons?|o(urse|rs|rner)|ONN|amp|r(es|est|k)?|ir|swy|tr|v|u(rve|toff)|yn)| D(am|ale|ell|onws|r)| E(ast|dgeway|n(d|t)|xit|states?|splanade|x(t|pwy))| F(airway|or(rges?|d|ks?)|wy|alls?|lats?)| G(ardens?|len|rv|r(ee)?n|a(p|te(way)?))| H(arborr|ills?|ollows?|ts|wy|ospital)| I(sle|nlt)| Junctions?| K(eys?|nolls?)| L(ocks?|dg|in[ke]|f|gts?|ndg|[np])|oop| M(all|dw|eadows|nr|anors|t|ns?)|ile|o(hr|torway)|ews|sn)| N(eck|orth)| O(aks|ne|rchard|v(al|erpass))| P(a(ss|th|rade)|ike|romanade|orts?|l(ns|z)?|k(e|s)?|kwys?|ts?)| R(d|e(ach|st)|ow|i(se|ver)|amp|ailroad|nch|/.R/.|ailway|pds|idge|u(n(way)?|e)|te)| S(ho(als?|res?)|kwy|outh|p(ur|ngs|ring)|u(permarket|bdivision)|t(a|rut)|[qt]s?)| T(er|hwy|race|pke?|un|urn|r(l|fy)|ra(ck|in))| U(nderpass|pr)| V(iews?|i(llages?|sta)|ly|alleys|iaduct)| W(alk|ays?|ls?|est|oods|ynde?)| X(-ing|rd)| Yard|^$)( [SNEW]{1,2})?$|^([SNEW]{1,2} )?(Old )?(/d{1,4} [SNEW]|Broadway|MBTA|Railroad|Amtrak|I-|IN-|IA-|KY?-|US-|LA?-|M[DNSO]?-|N[VJYCD]?-|S[CDRH]?-|RI?-|TN-|V[AT]-|W(V|IS)-|C[RH]-|Runway|Place |Parkway|Access |Avenue of |Circle of |State |County |The |to |(Left )?E(xit( to:)?|ntry) )