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This page is not part of the general Waze help documentation. It is for the management and maintenance of the Waze Wiki. If you reached this page in error, return to the Wiki search page to search again for your topic.


This page is a source page for information and links to templates used to manage the Waze Wiki. If you are trying to find the page that tracks changes that need to be made to the Wiki, go to Wiki maintenance tasks.

General Wiki help

You can review the general Wikimedia Wiki Help page here. From that link you will find general information on most of the editing capabilities of the Wiki including information on:

Wiki templates

The following templates were created to help manage the Wiki. They are added to a page as required using the format {{TEMPLATE NAME}}. Template pages include documentation on use of the template embedded directly in the page. Use the links below to see the detailed instructions and use information.

Template Description
Page Formatting (View Category)
Anchor Creates a wikilink on a page at that point where the template is added. Use the "|" (pipe) character in the format {{Anchor}}.
Clear Forces the content (text, tables, images, etc.) above {{Clear}} to finish displaying before the content below continues. Prevents left and right column formats from breaking into new sections below.
Red Uses only the first parameter to add emphasis with red text using the format {{Red}}. Currently links do not pass correctly without using escape characters. Otherwise use two Red templates to format the text on either side of the link without including the link itself.
ReturnTop Provides a hyperlink to the top of the current page. Place {{ReturnTop}} after each section of a large page of sections.
Underline Uses only the first parameter to add emphasis with underlining text using the format {{Underline}}. Also available as {{U}}.
Maintenance Messages (View Category)
NeedImage Insert {{NeedImage}} on a page where images or screen shots are needed. It tells the reader images are still needed here.
UpdateImage Insert {{UpdateImage}} on a page where images or screen shots need to be updated. It tells the reader that the images are not completely current.
NeedInfo Insert {{NeedInfo}} on a page where more information is required for that topic. It tells the reader that more information is coming.
NeedPage Place {{NeedPage}} on a new page to tell readers that the page has not yet been created, but is coming soon. Prevents users hitting a red create page link if the page does not yet exist.
Obsoleted Place {{Obsoleted}} on obsolete pages that have already had their links reviewed for replacement. If that step is not yet complete, use {{ToObsolete}} instead.
Delete page Place {{Delete page}} on pages that should not have been added or now need to be deleted and a Wiki administrator can come through and delete the page completely.
ToObsolete Place {{ToObsolete}} on obsolete pages that need to have the links reviewed for possible replacement to more current/active pages. Remove and replace with {{Obsoleted}} once the links are reviewed.
Page Messages (View Category)
WikiManagement Add {{WikiManagement}} to the top of pages that are part of the Wiki management to tell users it is not part of the general Waze help system.
Template Management (View Category)
TemplateDisplay Use {{TemplateDisplay}} in Template documentation to show what information is displayed with that template.
TemplateNotDisplayed Use {{TemplateNotDisplayed}} in Template documentation to indicate nothing will be displayed on the screen.
tl Use {{tl}} in template documentation to show the formatting required to use the template.

Category Description
Page Management
Disambiguation Place [[Category:Disambiguation]] at the bottom of disambiguation pages to enable better tracking of such pages.