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You can pickup anyone without knowing their address by sending them a pick-up request.

The only thing they need is a web-enabled device (computer/laptop/smartphone/tablet) that can receive an SMS or e-mail. Open the Menu and choose Meet Up:

IMG 1147.jpg

Select Pick Up:

IMG 1187.jpg

Click on Send pick up request and choose send it via SMS or Email:

IMG 1188.jpg

IMG 1190.jpg

When the person you wish to pick-up accepts the request:

IMG 1191.jpg

IMG 1192.jpg

(They can adjust there location on the map before sending it)

IMG 1194.jpeg

Their address is sent to your Waze app automatically:

IMG 1196.jpg

After you choose Drive, they are sent to a web-page with a live map displaying your location en-route, and your ETA.

IMG 1199.jpeg IMG 1203.jpeg

Once you start driving, you can choose to disable your display on their map by opening the menu and selecting the red Cancel transmitting DisPick.jpg button at the top:

IMG 1198.jpg IMG 1211.jpg

The yellow mark at the button of the screen ShareLoc.jpg indicates your drive is enabled for sharing which means that the passenger can see your location and route.