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Waze version OS version Problem Models affected Status 2.2.1 Waze randomly closes with no warning. Upon restart, Waze asks if I would like to resume the trip. Samsung Epic (Sprint version of the Galaxy S) 2.2 Force reroute not available in landscape mode G1 Confirmed by alpha, under investigation, might be designed like this because of screen size 2.2.1 Graphics duplicate on background, Waze controls looks displaced. LG Optimus One P500 2.2.1 Change of phone diplay orientation craps graphic HTC G1 with OTA 2.2 MT3G 2.2.1 Time to arive and lenght to destination are partialy overlayed Reported on different 2.2 devices 2.2 Waze will crash after warning you that the battery is low Galaxy S (GT-I9000), Samsung i7500 Galaxy Samsung specific problem? 2.2.1 Problem with Waze not connecting to the network when installing new version Nexus One, Motorola Cliq Settings > manage applications > Waze > clear data will allow you to connect, but you lose your application preferences Waze posts destination and ETA to Facebook, even when option is disabled Samsung Epic, 2.2 Waze crashes after switching to another app, and then back to Waze Motorola Cliq (, HTC Evo Shift 4G (
Loses last segment of a recorded road The current workaround is to force a turn (so the segment colour changes from blue to red, before you finish recording., 2.2 Crashes on an incoming phone call Xperia X10, HTC Hero, HTC Evo Shift 4G, 2.2, 2.2.1 Consistent routing timing out Droid, Nexus One 2.2.1 Waze spontaneously switches to portrait mode and will not switch to landscape Nexus One Only one report. Can anyone confirm this?
2.0 If Waze is running and the phone is inserted into the car dock, Waze will freeze and the only way to end/get it to restart is by restarting the phone. Droid Only one report. Can anyone confirm this? (Confirmed with Car Dock and Multimedia Dock (2.2))
1.9 Waze freezes when removed from car dock Nexus One Only one report. Can anyone confirm this? This happened all the time on my Nexus One, but has been fixed since 2.0 or 2.2
2.0 Cannot tap to select roads, only intersections, when in 3D mode
1.9 Problems with text entry when using Swype Not confirmed to be a problem in Waze 2.0
1.9 2.2 Can't take photos for road reports HTC Evo 4G Not confirmed to be a problem in Waze 2.0 After disabling a traffic (eg) goodies layer, you need to restart the app for the map to be redrawn without the goodies This is how it works on all phone platforms 2.1 Roads disappear (and stay missing - road names, etc remain) after switching back from another app Droid X, Droid, Milestone May be fixed in Multi touch rotate gesture does not rotate the map All models Worked in beta 1.5 Cannot Drive To a contact Motorola Cliq XT Fixed in
2.0 When Waze is in the foreground, Bluetooth controls for music (avrcp profile) are blocked HTC Desire, HTC Magic and many others
1.9 2.2 New road recording stops when the screen is turned off Nexus One Not confirmed to be a problem in Waze 2.0 Can't start road recording in horizontal mode. When the app is in horizontal mode, you see the steamroller on the screen but you can't click it. This means you can only start recording (using this button) when in landscape mode. Motorola Milestone Not confirmed to be a problem in Waze 2.0 Waze takes 100% CPU while running HTC Hero Not confirmed to be a problem in Waze 2.0