Area Manager: Tips and Tricks

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Area Manager: Tips and Tricks

This is just a very rough start on providing documentation for Area Managers. Below is the verbage from the original post on the need for this kind of FAQ. Feel free to modify this if you are an area manager. Some documentation on Wiki editing is on another page.

Below are some examples of topics for a tips and tricks section

  1. How best to define, find and remove unneeded junctions, including stray ones
  2. How to fix complex freeways / motorways with intersections with multiple levels, bridges, and complex ramps
  3. What does clicking 'locked' do when you have edited a road
  4. What to do if a user (or area manager) frequently makes bad updates
  5. What if your area manager does not reply to your repetitive emails
  6. How to find what users have changed in your area, since you last looked at update maps
  7. How can I determine if two roads are really connected correctly
  8. Are there any short cuts that help me do map editing more quickly and easily?