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MapRaid Canada will begin on June 28, 2015. The raid will last for roughly 10 Days.

Please be sure to explore the Wiki page. Also, check back regularly in case of added materials.
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Registration for MapRaid Canada is closed.

Welcome to Canada

Canada follows most of the editing guidelines that the USA does so most practices can be used without issue.

However there are a few differences that need to be understood before entering the Great White North!

  • Freeways have a different method of being set up and entered/exited. Do not change any road types without contacting a local host first.
  • Be aware that French is the second language for all of Canada and many people speak it as their first. If you run into a French issue, please do not use Google Translate. Several of our Canadian editors are fluent, please contact them to deal with the issue. There is a channel in Slack for this: ca-ask-canadian
  • Although there is a locking standard table, Canada has Traffic Locks (Auto Locks) active. These locks take precedence.

Please review the Canada Wiki page before diving into our icy waters!

Thanks for participating and happy editing!


Our mission are to handle the following (in order of priority):

  1. Places validation
  2. PURs

Raid Areas

The MapRaid! is being divided up by teams.

Local Hosts

Editor Location Timezone Role
doctorkb (PM) Alberta Mountain Waze Global Champ
Chief Canadian Administrator
hmarian (PM) Toronto, Ontario Eastern Waze Global Champ
Assistant Administrator
manoeuvre (PM) Toronto, Ontario Eastern Waze Local Champ - Canadian Champ
SkiDooGuy (PM) Michigan, USA Eastern Canadian Country Manager
Webs101 (PM) Québec Eastern Waze Local Champ - Canadian Champ
EECGeek (PM) Ottawa, ON Eastern Waze Local Champ - Canadian Champ
e-sarge (PM) Oshawa, ON Eastern Waze Area Manager for Durham Region
IamtheLexx (PM) Niagara Region Eastern Waze Area Manager for Niagara Peninsula
PsstDizel (PM) York Region Eastern Waze Area Manager for York Region
ShaneYYZ (PM) Milton, ON Eastern Waze Area Manager for Milton, ON
kkarkid (PM) Wellington North, ON Eastern Waze Area Manager for Southwestern Ontario
Nagamasa (PM) York Region Eastern Waze Area Manager for Southwestern Ontario

Local Guidance

Canada has active "Traffic Locks", these locks are based on usage from users. They are limited to a max rank of 4, but can be any rank below.

Segments that have restricted turns must be locked to Level 5.

When traffic locks are not enough to effectively protect an area, or after a city has undergone a "Road Classification" change the locks may be manually set to the below standards, depending on the decision of the Canadian Champs.

If the traffic lock is higher than the minimum standards listed below, please don't lower the lock.

Canada Road Minimum Locking Rank Standard
Segment Type Default locks
 Freeway  5
 Ramp  highest rank of connected segment
Arrow Red-2.pngRestriction arrow yellow mouseover.gif 3
 Major Highway  4
 Minor Highway  3
 Primary Street  2
 Street  1
 :|:|:|:|:Railroad:|:|:|:|:  2

Place Editing

PUR should be reviewed for accuracy, once approved all relevant information pertaining to the place should be entered. Please use each company's website to gather all information you can. Once a place is complete please lock to rank 3. If your own editor rank is 1 or 2, let someone else know via Slack, since you can't lock to rank 3.

This practice will prevent app trusted users and most IGN editors from making incorrect changes to places we know are right. App trusted users and IGN editors are rarely rank 3.


Please do not use the ferry road type, it's not yet functional in Waze. Canada will adopt U.S. guidelines with respect to ferries.

  • Use the FC/RC classification of the road leading to the ferry crossing.
  • If the ferry has a toll, mark it as a toll road.