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  • A client device is usually a smartphone that runs the free Waze client app which you can download
  • Waze uses GPS and networking to download free maps, get routing information and get notifications of events
  • Supported device platforms for Waze 3.x are Android, iPhone, and iPad (the iPad WiFi only model does not have an integrated GPS).
  • Supported device platforms for Waze 2.x and earlier are Android, Blackberry, iPhone (Apple iOS), Symbian (Nokia) and Windows Mobile (not Windows Phone)
  • Even without a supported smartphone you can still plan your route using the Live Map for the Canada and the USA and the Rest Of The World (ROTW)
  • You can review the full list of features in the latest release of the Waze client app, broken down by device platform.
  • Even if your specific device model is not listed as a supported model, the Waze client app for your platform may work, especially if it is a more recent model. Give it a try. Please edit the Wiki with your results.
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  • Designed for models 8900+, although it will work on some earlier models
  • Touch support is currently limited, so touch models may need to set compatability mode
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iPhone/iPad (Apple iOS)


  • 3G, 3GS, 4, 4s, iPad, iPad2, the New iPad (WiFi only iPads do not have an integrated GPS)
  • The iPod Touch will work but is not officially supported
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Symbian (Nokia)


  • Models running Symbian series 60
  • Models running Symbian^3
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Windows Mobile


  • Models running OS 6.0, 6.1, 6.5
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