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Welcome to the wiki page for Ghana!

This page is work in Progress.

The Country Manager of Ghana is fuchserl(5), here you can send him a private forum message if you need anything in this country <PM>

Road types and how they should be mapped

 Freeway  National Routes (N1 - N15)

top-level roads for long distance routes

 Major Highway  Major regional routes

R10 - R94
Inter-regional routes
IR1 - IR 11

 Minor Highway  Minor regional routes

R100 - R204

The naming scheme is e.g. "N4 - Accra - Kumasi Rd". Beginning and end of the road. Between two larger cities also the names of these two cities can be used instead. AltName is always (inside and outside of cities) "N4" with "no city" checked.

Status of roads

N1 N2 N9 N10 N13 N18
R47 R109 R131

check routing: N11