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| [[User:davielde|davielde]] || Ann Arbor || A2 and surrounding areas || [http://www.waze.com/forum/ucp.php?i=pm&mode=compose&subject=MI%20Resource%20Wiki:&username=davielde PM]
| [[User:davielde|davielde]] || Ann Arbor and US-23 corridor || Livingston, Washtenaw, eastern Lenawee, and western Monroe counties || [http://www.waze.com/forum/ucp.php?i=pm&mode=compose&subject=MI%20Resource%20Wiki:&username=davielde PM]
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Information and resources regarding editing Waze maps in Michigan. Resources for other states and the entire country can be found on the Resources page.


javascript:(function(){var center_lonlat=new OpenLayers.LonLat(wazeMap.center.lon,wazeMap.center.lat);center_lonlat.transform(new OpenLayers.Projection('EPSG:900913'),new OpenLayers.Projection('EPSG:4326'));window.open('http://www.mcgi.state.mi.us/mapmichigan/map.asp?lat='+center_lonlat.lat+'&lon='+center_lonlat.lon+'&action=xy&msrv=1','Mich Map');})();

Here are instructions on Adding a Bookmarklet.

Major Cities

Please list cities smaller than 100,000 under their county in the category below this one


- Links are GIS resources unless otherwise indicated.
- Sites marked with a $ have fee based access.

Road Categorization

Also see Examples of Michigan Roads By Type

Road Construction



Speed / Red Light Cameras

Speed and red light cameras remain illegal in Michigan. State House bills 4762 and 4763 failed to pass the house in the summer of 2013.

While traffic monitoring devices are employed in the state, no cameras are used for enforcement or issuing citations according to the Michigan State Police.

Michigan Exceptions to the Community Wiki

(DRAFT) Median U-Turn Intersection (MUTI)

  • NOTE: Although these guidelines have not officially been adopted as a Waze standard, the discussion is occurring at this forum thread. This section is in place as a guide for editors experimenting with this type of intersection while a consensus is being reached state-wide or country-wide.

A Median U-Turn Intersection (MUTI) is a procedure involving an indirect left turn onto or from a split roadway onto another road where the direct left turn is prohibited at the intersection itself. A MUTI can only occur at the intersection with a cross street. Other median u-turns may be available at crossovers along a split road, however these would not be classified as MUTI since they simply facilitate going the opposite direction along the same split road. A reference figure showing both types of u-turns together appears below.

To execute the turn, the driver proceeds through the intersection to turn left at the next median u-turn, then turns left onto the same road (in the opposite direction), and finally turns right at the main intersection. Alternatively, if the intersection involves turning onto a split cross road, the driver could also turn right onto the intersecting split road, then turn left at the median u-turn, finally turning left onto the road and proceeding through the main intersection.

This procedure has proliferated in Michigan since the late 1960's, and is locally referred to as a “Michigan Left Turn (MLT)” or just “Michigan Left“, even in locations other than Michigan. The MUTI and its variants are now used or being considered in several states and other countries.

Other terms for this procedure in transportation literature from the Federal Highway Administration and individual states include:

In addition, there are a number of related procedures directed toward the same or a similar result as the MUTI. Consequently, some of these procedures may need treatment similar to the MUTI in Waze:

In order to be considered a MUTI (or variant), proper signage should be in place. Depending on what entity maintains the road, however, the quality of signage will vary.

Michigan Left Signage 1.pngMichigan Left Signage 2.pngMichigan Left Signage 3.png
  • Naming Convention: to [street name] [opposing direction] / to [cross street name] [direction]
    • Similar to highway way-finder segments, the “street name” is instructional rather than official
    • Example intersection of Mound Rd and Metro Parkway in Macomb County
      • Driving north on Mound Rd: "to Mound Rd S / to Metro Pkwy W"
      • Driving south on Mound Rd: "to Mound Rd N / to Metro Pkwy E"
      • Driving west on Metro Pkwy: "to Metro Pkwy E / to Mound Rd S"
      • Driving east on Metro Pkwy: "to Metro Pkwy W / to Mound Rd N"
  • Road Type: RAMP
    • Although this departs from traditional at-grade connector rules and use of the ramp road type, it hides the instructional street name in the client. It is close to the exception stated on the at-grade connector page, however, in that a MUTI is a signed--though unnumbered--exit from the current direction of travel on a roadway.
  • Junction Angles: Between 45 and 90 degrees
    • The angles for the median u-turn should generate two "turn left" instructions. The first “turn left” should occur prior to entering and the second should occur while exiting the median crossover.

Sample MUTI as it appears in Waze Map Editor:

Example Michigan Left.png

Distinction between MUTI and standard crossovers:

MUTI versus crossover.png


Michigan sub-forum

To-do Lists

Keep track of work that needs to be done and coordinate efforts with other AMs.

Area/Country Managers

If you are an Area Manager who covers the State of Michigan, or a USA Country Manager active in Michigan, please add yourself alphabetically to this list.

You are also encouraged to create your own User Profile here in the Wiki. The profile can then also be linked to from your Forum Signature.

(Edit this section to read the comments explaining how to add yourself .)

Username Areas Managed Comments Forum PM

agedcheeze West Michigan Area Kent, some Muskegon, Ottawa, and Allegan. PM
captnkeegs Grand Rapids Area. Mostly working Kent & Barry county some Ottawa & Allegan county area. PM
davielde Ann Arbor and US-23 corridor Livingston, Washtenaw, eastern Lenawee, and western Monroe counties PM
GizmoGuy411 Home AM area: NE Ohio, SE Michigan, NW Indiana US Country Manager, Global & US Waze Champ, Great Lakes Regional Coordinator PM
jschultz7 SE Michigan Working downriver and surrounding areas PM
lelehman Mt. Pleasant, Lansing Area Mostly working on mid-Michigan. PM
miked_64 SW Lower MI GR, Kzoo and surrounding areas PM
Riamus Northern lower peninsula North of the Grayling line. PM
robc007 I-94 Between Marshall and I-275. PM
Usernames in blue have created Waze Wiki Profiles. Usernames in red have not.

About this page

Please report broken links to: davielde (other volunteers needed)

This page was initially created using the Ohio Information and Resource Waze Wiki page as a template on 2012-05-07 by GizmoGuy411.

If you are a Michigan AM, please help develop this page and add a link to your profile and/or PM below to show you are a contributor to this page.

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