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In version 3.5 you can login in 3 different ways:

  • Using your facebook account
  • As an existing or new Waze user
  • As a temporary user (anonymous)

Connect using your facebook account

1. To connect using Facebook, please select “sign in with Facebook”.


Connect with an existing or new Waze user

2. To connect to Waze, without your Facebook profile information, click on “Other” and select “Join” to set up a new account:


Connect with an a temporary user (anonymous)

Or if you are already a Wazer, input your username and password and select “Sign in”.


Select “Skip” to create a temporary & anonymous user. You will later be able to sign in with a Waze or a Facebook account, by launching the menu, then selecting “Settings”,

IMG 1148.jpg

Account and login:


And choosing “Connect to Facebook”

IMG 1263.jpg

If you had a previous Waze account associated with your Facebook account – you will have the option to connect to it again, or stay with your temporary account:

Photo 1.png

It's recommended to connect your original account to the Facebook account:

Photo 2.png

If you forgot your Waze password

To recover your Waze password, simply follow these steps:

1. Visit our password recovery page, first make sure you're on the correct website:

  • USA / Canada:
  • Worldwide:
  • Israel:

2. Enter your email.

3. Click Reset Password.

4. The password should be sent to your inbox

5. You'll need to confirm the new password in a separate link

NOTE: pay attention to upper case letters, the system is case sensitive.

You can also reset the password through your mobile phone:

1. When you first install Waze click on Other:


And choose Remind me:


2. Fill in your email address:


If you are experiencing any problems resetting your password please send us more detail about this issue (not getting link to reset the password, error message, etc..).