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Resources for the Queens team.

You have primary responsibility for the following in your area:

  • Update Requests (URs);
  • Map Problems (MPs);
  • Place Update Requests (PURs);
  • Road types – functional classification (FC) and state/US/Interstate highway systems; and
  • Elevation – nothing that isn't a tunnel should use a negative elevation. Set segments on the ground to Ground and use positive elevation for the bridge instead.

But feel free to ask for help! If you can't solve a UR, maybe one of your teammates can. Ask in the Queens chat or the general MapRaid! NY chat for assistance. These are also the best places to go if you need something unlocked.


Area Wazer Northern boundary Eastern boundary Southern boundary Western boundary
P Dogshrink water Grand Central Pkwy I-495 water
Q ottonomy water Clearview Expwy I-495 Grand Central Pkwy
R daffy11377 water suburbs I-495 Clearview Expwy
S Shaq23 I-495 Van Wyck Expwy Jamaica Ave Brooklyn
T Joyriding I-495 Clearview Expwy / 212th Jamaica Ave Van Wyck Expwy
U EdFromOhio I-495 suburbs Hempstead Ave Clearview Expwy / 212th
V voludu2 Jamaica Ave Van Wyck Expwy Belt Pkwy Brooklyn
W Jakflash Jamaica Ave / Hempstead Ave suburbs Conduit Ave Van Wyck Expwy
X sketch Conduit Ave / Belt Pkwy suburbs the bay Brooklyn
Y Xevell the bay suburbs / NY-878 the ocean the ocean