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Dirt (unpaved/gravel) roads

The USA Standard (matrix table) does not specify how to set unpaved road segments, so we define that here. Unpaved roads may or may not be classified in the states' functional classification system. If they are defined higher then local, set the road type according to the functional classification. If they are not, set the road type to Dirt Road / 4x4 Trail. The majority of dirt roads are not functionally classified.

How to determine
when to set a dirt
road as type
dirt road

(unpaved or gravel)





 Dirt Road / 4X4 Trail 


 Dirt Road / 4X4 Trail 

If the user's client options are set to avoid dirt roads, they will still be routed on dirt roads functionally classified as either a Collector. This is necessary to insure beginning-to-end routing should the origin/destination be on an unpaved road however, Waze route pruning will only consider these lower-priority roads (Primary Street, Street, Dirt) near the origin/destination.


  • An unpaved street identified in the NCDOT system as a Collector is a Primary Street.
  • An unpaved street identified in the NCDOT system as a Local road is a Dirt.
  • Any unpaved road not listed in the NCDOT system is Dirt.