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Functional classification

Oklahoma is participating in the new Functional Classification.

Note: The Oklahoma DOT Maps are the official maps that should be followed for functional classification in the state of Oklahoma. The INCOG maps may not be approved by the FHWA and should only be used to reference in new construction where the DOT maps do not have the road.

Road naming

Interstates = I-XX
US Highway = US-XX
State Highway = State Hwy XX
County Road = CR-XX

Interstates throughout the state

  • I-35 Texas to Kansas
  • I-40 Texas to Arkansas
  • I-44 Texas to Missouri
  • I-235 Spur through Oklahoma City
  • I-240 Spur between Oklahoma City and Moore
  • I-244 Bypass of Tulsa
  • I-444 Auxiliary to I-244 in Tulsa