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In the works is a system which will hopefully do away with copy/pasting and will allow the moderator to simply set a cell value for each new submission on a Moderation page (Approved/Rejected/Moderate).
* "Approved" entries will be dynamically gathered in a master listing, from which the regional and/or national display lists can be filtered, and suggested National entries can be passed on to other regions for approval.
* "Rejected" entries will be hidden/removed to another page/deleted (to be discussed).
* "Moderate" entries will be kept in the moderation list for corrections/research/further discussion, but not accumulated in the Master List nor displayed on the given region's sheet.
It is also hoped that eventually this information will be used by the Places Browser, so that incorrectly named places can be flagged. Don't hold your breath on this part, though....
==Harmonization information==