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{{anchor|Dirt}}Dirt Road / 4X4 Trail {{Dirt Road / 4X4 Trail|        }}: Major rewrite to clarify fundamental principles.
Generally, a road The {{Dirt Road / 4X4 Trail}} type has the unique property that is Waze users may ask not pavedto be routed over it. Users may ask to avoid it for all through routing with the settings option "Dirt roads - Don't allow", or to avoid it for through routing longer than 300 m (984 ft) with the option "Dirt roads - Avoid long ones".
Roads Because of the {{Dirt Road / 4X4 Trail}} this property, this type will not be used if the user has selected the "Don't allow" option typically represents public side roads that some fraction of local drivers habitually avoid due to surface quality. In metropolitan or other urbanized regions, this generally means unpaved (dirt, gravel, crushed rock) roads, or roads in the clientuncommonly poor condition by local standards. In other areas, roads with unpaved surfaces may be essential routes and segments longer than 300m will be avoided thus necessarily set to other types such as Street, Primary Street, or even higher, as if the user has selected "Avoid long ones"they were paved.
In some areas of the country, improved unpaved roads (gravel, macadam, etc.) are set to this type. In other areas, improved unpaved roads, and possibly certain dirt roads, will be set to other types, as if they were paved. Check your [[Mapping resources/USA|state page]] for details on whether your state follows unique guidelines for dirt roads, or contact your regional coordinator for further guidance. {{clear}}
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