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Road types/USA

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==== Freeway {{Freeway|        }} ====
====Major Highway {{Major Highway|        }}====
{{Anchor|Major Highway|Major highway|major highway|MH}}
[[Image:Maj-hwy.jpg|thumb|right|450px|A partially-limited-access roadway, or "expressway". Note the interchange to the left and the at-grade intersection to the right.]]
====Minor Highway{{Minor Highway|        }}====
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'''Minor arterials''' (or '''other arterials''') are secondary routes for traveling between cities over moderately long distances. Minor or other arterials are classified in Waze as Minor Highways.
==== Ramps {{Ramp|        }} ====
[[File:RoadPicN2.jpg|right|300px|RoadPicN2.jpg]] [[File:HBlue.png|right|300px|HBlue.png]]
====Primary Street {{Primary Street|        }}====
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'''Collectors''' are roads used with medium-low traffic densities which are used to bring traffic from local streets to arterials and vice versa. Collectors are classified in Waze as Primary Streets.
====Street {{Street}}====