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'''Day 0'''
The first editor who is able to respond to a User Report (UR ) should attempt to resolve the UR. If they are successful, they should comment as such in the UR and mark it '''"Solved'''". If more information from the reporter is required to make progress towards closure, a response should be sent to the reporter containing the information needed for resolution.
'''Day 4+'''
'''Shared Ownership'''
All editors are considered to have equal ownership of and responsibility for all URs in West Virginia. All editors, regardless if they have worked the UR previously, may send any of the responses describe described above, provided they adhere the minimum time spacing guidance between responses. All editors are explicitly encouraged to attempt resolving URs at any point during their lifecycle, even if others happen to be actively working it at the same time.
===== Formatting the Permalink (PL) =====
# Before copying a PL hover over the "chain link" icon and press the "Shift" key. This will eliminate the layers in your PL. This assumes you have installed [[Scripts#WME_Toolbox|WME Toolbox]] . Which you should. # Delete all the information, starting with the "&" after the segment ID. For example, ...&segments=1234567&... Delete everything after the last number in segments.This also applies to &venues=123456789.1234567890.1234567 (for Places) and &MapUpdateRequest=1234567 (for URs)
# Finished Example:
=== Uplock Requests ===
Upon finishing your editing, create another PL with the segments needed to Uplock to the [[West_Virginia#Minimum_Lock_Standard|Minimum Lock Standard]]. Use the format '''Uplock L2Lx-L5 Ly "PL"''' . This is done because the person performing the dnlock or uplock may be using a mobile device and it is difficult to select the correct segments. Also, if you add a junction node for a speed limit or PLR, for example, it will create new segment IDs and those will not be the same as the original dnlock request.
--[[User:Markr4468|Markr4468]] ([[User talk:Markr4468|talk]]) 21:27, 22 April 2016 (UTC)