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Forum Signature Banners/State Manager Icon

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{{construction| contact =| contacttype = forum| draft = yes| open = no}} For those USA State Managers who want to have an icon in their forum signature showing their status (as is done with edit count shields, etc.), here are is a selection if of icons that can be used.
To use the icon of your choice, simply copy the line of text below the icon from [IMG] tag to [/IMG] tag (include them), and then paste it into your signature where you want it to appear.
These icons are still in the process of being created; as they're completed they will be added here. If you're a State Manager and you don't see your state here yet, check back later.
{| class="wikitable"
| Texas
|| Utah
|| Vermont
|- align=center
| Virginia
|| Washington
|| West Virginia
|- align=center
|| Wisconsin
|| Wyoming