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2014-02-13 GizmoGuy411


Change all occurrences of "Champ" to "Global Champ".

Some Regional Coordinators may only be Country Managers and not U.S. Champs. I say "may" because I am not sure at the moment, and just wanted to make you aware of the possibility. If true, then Country Managers also participate in the Self-Management process.

2014-02-13 Vectorspace

Interesting suggestion. I can see additional clarity, but the suggestion you made was to move everything to Global Champs. Why? Why not US Champs as well? I would also think that some CMs via special roles, may also participate. How people in different roles participate is probably something that would need clarification as far as duties and process. This was written a long time ago as a suggestion or idea and much has evolved since then.