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Vectorspace 24 Feb: I had not visited this page in some time. I take exception to the opening remarks in this discussion. It says "The Waze editing community in the US has agreed that, aside from gas stations, ordinary businesses are never to be landmarked." I don't think the community has made this agreement. The founder of Waze has asked for more content, not less or restrictive content. I realize that there are some limits, but there are a large number of comments on the importance of landmarks as references for Wazers. Some of these landmarks are businesses. There is no real reason (in my opinion) not to landmark businesses that are landmarks... people use them as points of reference to navigate all the time. Also, the POI search reason to not map landmarks, in my opinion, is not well considered. I know that the POI search is horrible for many things. I have put in a landmark and made that search work well -- content helps. Let's not solve all problems in the map, let's add useful content. Has anyone looked at Google Maps? It has outlines for almost every building and business!