Toll Booths and Plazas (South Africa)

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South African Toll Plazas, Toll Booths and E-Toll Gantries

The South African National Roads Agency SOC Limited (SANRAL) and it's concessionaries, Bakwena, N3TC and TRAC, maintains and operates all Toll Roads in South Africa.
Entilini is not listed on SANRAL's site, but they operate the Chapman's Peak Toll Road.

Toll Booths (Ramp and Mainline)

In order to quickly add new Toll Roads or maintain and verify existing toll roads, a list of manual Toll Booths, Ramps, Mainline and e-Toll Gantries is essential.
Below is a complete list of all Mainline Toll Plazas and Ramp Toll Booths for South Africa:

Route Operator Name Type Permalink
N1 Bakwena Stormvoël Ramp Permalink
N1 Bakwena Zambesi Ramp Permalink
N1 Bakwena Pumulani Mainline Permalink
N1 Bakwena Wallmansthal Ramp Permalink
N1 Bakwena Murrayhill Ramp Permalink
N1 Bakwena Hammanskraal Ramp Permalink
N1 Bakwena Carousel Mainline Permalink
N1 Bakwena Maubane Ramp Permalink
N4 Bakwena Swartruggens Mainline Permalink
N4 Bakwena Kroondal Ramp Permalink
N4 Bakwena Marikana Mainline Permalink
N4 Bakwena Buffelspoort Ramp Permalink
N4 Bakwena Brits Mainline Permalink
N4 Bakwena Doornpoort (K99) Ramp Permalink
N4 Bakwena Doornpoort Mainline Permalink
N3 N3TC Mooi Mainline Permalink
N3 N3TC Mooi Ramp Permalink
N3 N3TC Mooi (Treverton) Ramp Permalink
N3 N3TC Tugela Mainline Permalink
N3 N3TC Tugela East Mainline Permalink
N3 N3TC Wilge Mainline Permalink
N3 N3TC De Hoek Mainline Permalink
N4 TRAC Donkerhoek Ramp Permalink
N4 TRAC Cullinan Ramp Permalink
N4 TRAC Diamond Hill Mainline Permalink
N4 TRAC Valtaki Ramp Permalink
N4 TRAC Ekandustria Ramp Permalink
N4 TRAC Middelburg Mainline Permalink
N4 TRAC Machado Mainline Permalink
N4 TRAC Nkomazi Mainline Permalink
N1 SANRAL Huguenot Mainline Permalink
N1 SANRAL Verkeerdevlei Mainline Permalink
N1 SANRAL Vaal Mainline Permalink
N1 SANRAL Grasmere Mainline Permalink
N1 SANRAL Grasmere Ramp Permalink
N1 SANRAL Kranskop Mainline Permalink
N1 SANRAL Nyl Mainline Permalink
N1 SANRAL Sebetiela Ramp Permalink
N1 SANRAL Capricorn Mainline Permalink
N1 SANRAL Baobab Mainline Permalink
N2 SANRAL Tsitsikamma Mainline Permalink
N2 SANRAL Izotsha (R61) Ramp Permalink
N2 SANRAL Oribi Mainline Permalink
N2 SANRAL Oribi Ramp Permalink
N2 SANRAL Umtentweni Ramp Permalink
N2 SANRAL Tongaat Mainline Permalink
N2 SANRAL King Shaka Ramp Permalink
N2 SANRAL Mvoti Mainline Permalink
N2 SANRAL Mandini Ramp Permalink
N2 SANRAL Dokodweni Ramp Permalink
N2 SANRAL Mtunzini Mainline Permalink
N2 SANRAL Mtunzini Ramp Permalink
N3 SANRAL Mariannhill Mainline Permalink
N4 SANRAL Pelindaba Mainline Permalink
N4 SANRAL Quagga Mainline Permalink
N17 SANRAL Gosforth Mainline Permalink
N17 SANRAL Gosforth Ramp Permalink
N17 SANRAL Dalpark Mainline Permalink
N17 SANRAL Brakpan (Denne) Ramp Permalink
M6 Entilini Chapman's Peak (N/S) Mainline Permalink


The complete list of all *42 e-Toll Gantries are below. The e-tolling for the complete set of gantries for the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project (GFIP) is live as of the 3rd December 2013, and tolls are also charged for these.

* Based on information from the Sanral e-Toll Call Centre there are actually 49 gantries in total. Sanral's live e-map displays 42 but the description indicates 43 when only "Gantries" are selected on the "Markers to display" dropdown. The 1 that is not indicated is supposedly a Test gantry. There are 2 further gantries located on the N4, 2 on the N3 and another 2 on the N12, all of which are currently not active or tolled (yet). The location of these are to be confirmed later when the information is made available.

Route Operator Name Main/Ramp Permalink Direction ID No.
N1 SANRAL Barbet Gantry Permalink North TG001 1
N1 SANRAL Mossie Gantry Permalink South TG002 2
N1 SANRAL Indlazi Gantry Permalink North TG003 3
N1 SANRAL Pikoko Gantry Permalink South TG004 4
N1 SANRAL Ivusi Gantry Permalink North TG005 5
N1 SANRAL Flamingo Gantry Permalink South TG006 6
N1 SANRAL Ihobe Gantry Permalink North TG007 7
N1 SANRAL Sunbird Gantry Permalink South TG008 8
N1 SANRAL Tarentaal Gantry Permalink North TG009 9
N1 SANRAL Blouvalk Gantry Permalink South TG010 10
N1 SANRAL Owl Gantry Permalink North TG011 11
N1 SANRAL Pelican Gantry Permalink South TG012 12
N1 SANRAL King Fisher Gantry Permalink North TG013 13
N1 SANRAL Ukhosi Gantry Permalink South TG014 14
N1 SANRAL Fiscal Gantry Permalink North TG015 15
N1 SANRAL Stork Gantry Permalink South TG016 16
N1 SANRAL Ilowe Gantry Permalink North TG017 17
N3 SANRAL Leeba Gantry Permalink South TG018 18
N3 SANRAL Ibis Gantry Permalink South TG019 19
N3 SANRAL Kiewiet Gantry Permalink North TG020 20
N3 SANRAL Kwikkie Gantry Permalink South TG021 21
N3 SANRAL Starling Gantry Permalink North TG022 22
N3 SANRAL Rooivink Gantry Permalink South TG023 23
N3 SANRAL Mpshe Gantry Permalink North TG024 24
N3 SANRAL Oxpecker Gantry Permalink South TG025 25
N12 SANRAL Phakwe Gantry Permalink West TG028 26
N12 SANRAL Thaha Gantry Permalink East TG029 27
N12 SANRAL Lenong Gantry Permalink West TG030 28
N12 SANRAL Lekgwaba Gantry Permalink East TG031 29
R24 /N12 SANRAL Loerie Gantry Permalink South TG032 30
N12 SANRAL Gull Gantry Permalink East TG033 31
N12 SANRAL Ilanda Gantry Permalink West TG034 32
N12 SANRAL Bee-eater Gantry Permalink East TG035 33
R21 SANRAL Hadeda Gantry Permalink South TG037 34
R21 SANRAL Ntsu Gantry Permalink North TG038 35
R21 SANRAL Heron Gantry Permalink North TG039 36
R21 SANRAL Bluecrane Gantry Permalink South TG040 37
R21 SANRAL Swael Gantry Permalink South TG041 38
R21 SANRAL Letata Gantry Permalink North TG042 39
R21 SANRAL Swan Gantry Permalink North TG043 40
R21 SANRAL Weaver Gantry Permalink South TG044 41
R21 SANRAL Hornbill Gantry Permalink North TG045 42