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Creating custom colour schemes

Each colour scheme is defined by a schema file. The schema file contains the colour and size information for each road type and certain other features, such as Places, water features, map labels, and so forth.

The easiest way to create your own scheme is to start with one of the default schema files. To get to the default schema files, you'll need a file browser for your device (such as iFunBox for use with iOS devices, or ASTRO File Manager for Android).

  • In iOS, the day schemes are found in User Applications » Waze » » skins » default » day and its subfolders, and the night scheme is found in User Applications » Waze » » skins » default » night.

*In Android, the day schemes are found in SD Card (or your root folder) » Waze » skins » default » day and its subfolders, and the night scheme is found in SD Card (or your root folder) » Waze » skins » default » night.

You may wish to copy both directories to your computer to make it easier.

Within the day folder, there are several subfolders. Each subfolder contains a schema file, as does the day folder itself. The schema files correspond to the default schemes as follows:

  • 1: The blues
  • 2: Mochaccino
  • 3: Snow day
  • 4: Twilight
  • 5: Tutti-frutti
  • 6: Rosebud
  • 7: Electrolytes
  • 8: Map editors
  • 9: Green peace
  • 10: Minimalism
  • 11: Green fields
  • 12: Default
  • day folder: Vitamin C

To edit a schema file, open it in a text editor. Each schema file is a list of parameters – most relating to colour and size. Colour parameters are in #rrggbb hex colour format (see web colours); some colour parameters have two additional digits, controlling the alpha channel (transparency) of that particular feature (#rrggbbaa).

Parameter name What it does
Map.Background The background of the map.
Labels.Color The colour of road name label text.
Labels.Bgcolor The outline/outer glow of all text labels – roads, cities, Places, etc.
Console.Foreground unknown
Console.Background unknown
Road class: Roads and other lines
Freeways Freeway
Primary Major Highway
Secondary Minor Highway
Highways Primary Street
Streets Street, Private Road, Parking Lot Road
Ramps Ramp
Exit unknown/unused at this time
4X4 Trails Dirt road / 4x4 Trail
Railroads Railroad
Runways Runway/Taxiway
Ferry unused at this time?
Private unused at this time
Parking unused at this time
Pedestrian Pedestrian Boardwalk
Trails Walking Trail
Walkway Stairway
Road parameters
Class Class ("Road")
Color Colour of road outline
Color1 Colour of road body
Color2 Colour of unmunched road body
Declutter0 Possibly controls the zoom level at which the road type disappears?
Delta11 Thickness of road outline (in negative pixels)
Delta2 Thickness of unmunched road outline (in negative pixels)
Thickness Overall thickness of road (in nondimensional units)
Area class: Places, cities, and water layer
Stations Most Area Places
Cities Cities (as seen in WME city layer)
Airports2 Islands (not user-editable)
Hospitals unknown/unused at this time
Malls unknown/unused at this time
Parks Area Places: Park, possibly others (Forest? Golf course?)
Rivers unknown/unused at this time
Lakes unknown/unused at this time
Sea Water layer (not user-editable) and water-type Area Places (user-editable)
Shore unknown/unused at this time
Area parameters
Class Class ("Area" or "Feature")
Color Colour of area polygon
Color1 Colour of area border
Declutter unknown
Delta11 Size of area border (in pixels?)
Thickness unknown/unused
Navigation.RouteColor Navigation line to your destination (default: purple)
Navigation.PossibleRouteColor unknown/unused at this time (default: light blue)
Navigation.StopPointColor Navigation line to a stop point (default: pink)

^0 What declutter does exactly is unknown. What is ascertainable is that the declutter value is a 32-bit signed integer – the freeway type has a declutter value of 2147483647.

^1 The delta values and their corresponding colours seem to operate differently for roads than they do for areas. For roads, Color1 and Color2 are apparently drawn on top of Colour, so the delta values are negative – the Colour "border" is apparently actually the bottom layer. For areas, Color1 is apparently drawn only past the edge of the area, so the delta value is positive – the Color1 "border" seems to be an actual border.

^2 Oddly enough. The "airports" (actually islands) layer is the only area layer drawn on top of the sea (water) layer.