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== Installing custom color schemes ==
=== iOS ===
Installing custom themes in iOS does not require jailbreaking or replacing the default themes, so don't worry about creating a backup.
* Get an iOS file manager, such as [http://www.i-funbox.com/ iFunBox] or  [http://imazing.com/ iMazing] 
* In the file manager, open "Waze" in User Applications.
* In the Waze » Documents folder, if it's not already there, create a new folder named '''skins'''. Inside the skins folder, create a new folder called '''default'''.
* To install a day theme,
** In the Waze » Documents » skins » default folder, create a folder named '''day'''.
** Create a numbered folder inside the '''day''' folder that corresponds with the number of the included skin you would like to replace.
*** For example, to replace the "Tutti-frutti" theme, create a folder named '''5'''.
** Place your custom schema file inside the numbered folder you just created.
* To install a night theme,
** In the Waze » Documents » skins » default folder, create a folder named '''night'''.
** Place your custom schema file directly inside the '''night''' folder you just created.
** Note that this will replace the default night theme; only one night theme can be installed at a given time.
* To use an installed theme,
** Day schemes: In Settings » Display settings » Map Color Scheme, select the name of the theme you replaced. So, if you placed your schema file in folder '''5''', select "Tutti-frutti" in the app to use your custom scheme (there is currently no known way to rename schemes in the list in the app). Also, ensure that the client is in "day" mode, or leave it in "auto" and wait until daytime.
** Night schemes: Set the client to "night" mode or wait until nighttime.
* You can replace a schema file for a currently-selected theme even while the client is running, but to use a new version of a theme you are already running, you have to make the client reload the theme. To do this, switch away from and back to that theme. The quickest way to do this is to set the client to day/night mode and back.
* To uninstall a custom theme, delete its schema file. You can also temporarily disable a custom theme by renaming the schema file to something other than "schema".
=== Android ===
Color schemes can be edited visually with "[https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.toggeli.we Toggelis Waze Editor]". Alternatively, you can edit the schemes manually:
* Choose a scheme you wish to replace from [[#Android files|the built in list above]].
* Place the new schema file in the corresponding folder, replacing (or renaming) the original file.
* Alternatively you can directly modify the existing schema file ''(open with a text editor)'' with the changes you desire. You may also copy and paste the complete code of the scheme you want into the original schema file, replacing the original content.
** If there are sub-folders for specific zoom levels, you will have to either remove or modify the schema files in those directories as well.

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