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Dear Tim Case, DPS PIO,

I am reaching out to you to see if the Arizona Dept. of Public Safety would be interested in considering a partnership with Waze. Waze ( is the world's largest community-based traffic and GPS navigation app. A Waze partnership with the DPS, along with Waze users in Arizona who share real-time traffic and road info can save everyone time and gas money on their daily commute, best of all, for FREE. Waze's goal is to help alleviate some of the headaches for drivers by routing them around traffic, closures and alerting them of constructions zones and road hazards. Several major cities & government agencies have already began partnering with Waze including Boston, Miami, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, New York City & the NYPD. Additionally, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet along with the Florida Department of Transportation have partnered with Waze as well with no costs to the taxpayers. I hope you will consider making DPS the next partner.

To get started:

Here is a brief video explaining the Waze Partnership: Waze Connected Citizens Launch Highlights (

Here is an overview explaining the Connected Citizens Program: Connected Citizens Program Summary (

Here is the form to inquire about a Partnership: Connected Citizens Program Inquiries Form (

      • When you reach the "How did you hear about us" portion of the form please add "Waze Champ: nnote-6" <-Insert your own Rank & Username

P.S. - To see Waze in action, check out the ABC New's findings on Waze. ( ... 17710.html)

Respectfully Submitted,

Nicholas Notestine (nnote) Waze Arizona Senior Map Editor