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Maintain your tabs in the Waze Map Editor by rearranging, resizing, or hiding them. You can also replace their text with a symbol of your choosing. |

by Glodenox (PM)

Rearrange and manage tabs
Replace tab names with icons


  • Reopen the tab you had open the last time you used the WME
  • Replace the tab title with an icon of your choosing
  • Hide tabs that you don't need
  • Adjust the width and height of the tabs
  • Preserve the order of the tabs over sessions
  • Reorder the tabs in any way you like
  • Make the width of the sidepanel constant by adding the scrollbar by default


The script adds additional options to the preferences tab. These options allow you to enable or disable the script's features:

  • 'Tab width & Tab height': adjust the width and height of all tabs so they take up less/more space than before.
  • 'Hide editing permissions paragraph': remove the paragraph saying how far you can edit as this isn't really useful information for an advanced editor.
  • 'Preserve opened tab over sessions': have the script reopen the tab you had selected during the last time you used the WME.
  • 'Preserve tab order over sessions': have the script rearrange the tabs to preserve the previous order when loading the WME. New tabs are added to the back. When selecting this option, an additional menu appears that allows you to manage the tabs further in detail.

When the tab order is preserved over sessions it also becomes possible to hide tabs or replace the tab name with an icon.

Feedback and suggestions

I maintain a list of 'issues' I may want to work on at the GitHub project page. There is also a forum thread on the Waze forums in which discussion can take place.


Bring up comments or questions on this page in this forum Forum topic unread.gif.