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The "basemap" is the original road data that Waze imported in 2009. It needs to be updated by map editors to function optimally.

Common basemap issues

  • Roads with unknown direction
  • Two-way roads incorrectly marked as one-way (one-way roads are rare outside urban areas)
  • Reverse connections
  • Unconfirmed turns
  • Unnecessary junctions
  • Private roads with the State field set as Iowa
  • Self-connected loops (often at the end of rural driveways)
  • Missing, outdated, or incorrect road names, or they do not match the NE road naming standards or USA abbreviations.
  • Private farming paths that probably should not be mapped at all in Waze
  • Driveways to buildings that no longer exist, or other superfluous roads.


  • Zoom in to level 4 or closer so that Validator highlights problems on segments of type Street and Private Road, and so that you can see the road characteristics (one-way/two-way/unknown, etc.).