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Left Pane when a Place is selected

With a Place selected, there are three tabs: General, More Info and Photos. Under the General tab, you set the Place category(ies), give it a name, a description, and a checkbox to lock the place to prevent changes by lower ranking editors, whether it is a Private or Public Place, links to external providers, and the full address details.

Wme landmark tab.png

External Providers

In order to better match user searches with accurate location results, Waze Places can be ‘linked’ with external sources, such as Google. When a user searches in the app and selects a Google result ‘linked’ to a Waze Place, the Waze Place’s stop point. Wme place external providers.png

Address Block

Below that is an address details section which displays the Place's assigned Country, State (in the US) and City. Click the Edit button to change any values and click Apply when complete. Setting the proper address details will allow Waze to utilize their own internal search for landmarks which appear only in Waze and not in other search provider results. Wme landmark address details.png