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Prior to 2016 the Ferry Road type was not to be used. Since that time, there have been changes to the Routing server that allow the use of the Ferry Road type.

The Ferry road type should only be used where a road crosses a body of water through the use of an automotive ferry. For more on how to map ferries see Ferries/USA. The Ferry Road type is useful because it causes the Waze App to display a "ferry" symbol for routes that include a  • • • • Ferry • • • •   segment.

The Ferry road type is treated by the Routing server as a minor highway.The speed for the ferry road type is fixed at a very slow speed typical of water craft, and not estimated from user speeds.

If the ferry you are working on crosses an area well covered with GPS traces, OR travels at higher than normal speeds, please notify your Regional Coordinator. Additionally, if you have issues with routes passing thru a ferry segment, please contact your Regional Coordinator.