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In NJ there are 565 municipalities, 250 Boroughs, 52 Cities, 15 Towns, 245 Townships and 3 Villages. There are no unincorporated places in the state of NJ. Every segment of every road type should have a City Name in the Primary Field. New Jersey follows the guidance below.

City Naming

City names should use the name by which an area is primarily known. In many cases, this is the incorporated municipality name. Other locally accepted names are also used when appropriate. Some examples include:

  • When locals, businesses and editors know an area by a non-incorporated name (e.g., Basking Ridge of Bernards Township)
  • When editors have added suffixes to address city naming conflicts (e.g., Washington Twp for Washington Township)

2: Apply the incorporated municipality name if it does not have a city name. Use the name of the town (e.g., Newark) without including the incorporation title (e.g., City, Borough, Township) unless it is in the proper town name (e.g., Jersey City, Atlantic City).

Editors seeking to deviate from this standard must discuss changes with State Managers, and have sufficient evidence to consider a different city name.

Potential Corrections and Conflicts

There are many duplicate townships (eg, Washington, Franklin) that have been modified to create unique city names. Unique city names are no longer required, and different towns can share the same city name ID within the Waze database. If you discover one, please reach out to State Managers.

In the case of incorporated municipalities sharing borders with another municipality of the same name (e.g., the Borough of Clinton and the Township of Clinton), you may name both municipalities as Clinton.

In the case of incorporated municipalities sharing the same name within close proximity (e.g., the Borough of Raritan and the Township of Raritan), you may use city smudging guidance and include the suffix for the Township. In this case, you would use Raritan and Raritan Twp.

Any segment with a city name "Greater XX Area" or “XX (2)” is a mistake and needs to be updated to reflect the city naming guidance above.