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Editor Links

Level 1 Editor Useful Links

Welcome to Waze Map Editing
Southeast Wiki
Slack USA Regions Invitation Form
Slack Waze USA Invitation Form
Read these unlock request forum insturctions before requesting an unlock
Forum Unlock Requests
Abbreviations_and_acronyms/USA (abbreviations and acronyms used in naming roads)
Access roads that distort routing
Common Editing Mistakes
The Georgia Code
Georgia 511
More Georgia Maps from Georgia DOT
Glossary (Abbreviations, acronyms and terms that are seen in the various Waze communication mediums.)
Junction Style Guide
Non-Drivable Roads
At-Grade Connectors website for Georgia
UR Etiquette
Editor recent editing activities: "" & "editor name" in your browser
Walking Trails
Questions about the Waze App
Forum Info
Area and Point Places

Level 2 Editor Useful Links

Best Map Editing Practices Includes discussion on when to divide and un-divide roads
Advertising pins that are in the wrong location (report form)
Forums, Wiki, AM, SM Process
Military Bases
U-Turn Prevention
Map Tiles (includes tile update discussion ie what will trigger an update and what will not auto trigger an update)
Non-Drivable Roads
Scripts (Before loading scripts, consult with a senior editor on their application. It is usually best to not load multiple new scripts at the same time. Instead, learn how one functions before going to the next. Note that you are responsible for all your edits. Whether a script identified and suggested the edit or not is irrelevant. Improper use of any script - may lead to demotion or loss of editing privileges. )
Unusual Responses To URs
Issues with routes (>100 miles but less than 1000 miles)]

Level 3 Editor Useful Links

Best Continuation
Best Continuation and Turn Angle Verbal Instructions Power Point
Functional Classification Discussion
FC and Continuity in Road Types
Road Types Includes FC table
SE Editors that need help form
Big/Small Detour Prevention