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The Mid Atlantic region includes: District of Columbia / Maryland / Virginia / West Virginia This page was created to prevent different map guidance recommendations from the others in Mid Atlantic Region. The current primary Regional Coordinator is CBenson. (PM) If you have questions about this region or page, go to the forum for this region.


Washington is the only city in the District of Columbia and it spans the entire area.

Speed / red light cameras

In the District of Columbia, their are seven different types of traffic enforcement cameras. Below is a table containing each type of camera and how it should be mapped.

Camera Type Icon Used
Traditional Speed Cameras Speed Camera
Speed Cameras at Intersections Speed Camera
Traditional Red Light Cameras Red Light Camera
Gridlock Cameras Red Light Camera
Stop Sign Cameras Red Light Camera
Pedestrian Right of Way Cameras Red Light Camera
Oversized Vehicle Cameras Not Mapped

Reference the DC MPD Automated Traffic Enforcement page to verify camera locations.

Other camera types

These are cameras or signs that either provide driver feedback or are used for traffic control. These devices CAN NOT issue tickets and should not be mapped.

How to Identify Cameras.