Community Resources History

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Looking for webinar materials to present to your community?
Want to know which Waze staff member is your community's lead?
Curious about the Editors Survey results?
Searching for social media graphics for your site?

You've come to the right place :)

The Wazer to Wazer website holds all kind of information you can share with your community in order to make it bigger and stronger!
Use the button on the top right corner to navigate through this site.

Find different pages containing documents and information; from webinar slides for you to lead on your own, to directions on who to contact in case you need your community specialist's assistance, and much more!

Resources for New Editors and Localization coming soon!

Enjoy and pass the knowledge on!

  • Community Roles
    There are many different opportunities to get involved and contribute to the Waze Community!
  • Community Staff
    Learn more about who is on the Waze Communities Global Group
  • New Communities Process
    Visit this page for some tips to help you get started!
  • Crisis Response
    When a crisis occurs, Waze, our editor community, and Waze Partners work together to help people in the affected area
  • Youtube Channel
    Check out the Communities Youtube Channel
  • Local Community Channels
    Check here to find your community's channel!
  • Webinars
    Here you can find the recording of past webinars
  • Waze Partners
    Find out more about how your organization can join this incredible network
  • Glossary
    an index with cross-referenced abbreviations, acronyms, and aliases terminology
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