TTS FAQ And Facts History

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1. How do I clean my client TTS cache? (To check new deployments)?

  • Write CC @TTS in the search bar inside the app and press search.
  • Restart the app
2. How do I test my REGEX
  • Go to WME , edit a street name and press the voice icon
  • Do not save the changes if not needed.
3. I am a REGEX master! How can I contribute to my language voice?

Please get in touch with []


1. We can open as many TTS voices as we want in a country as long as the TTS engine can read the map (has the same character set)

For example, the Japanese (Japanese characters) voice will not work in Israel (Hebrew characters)

2. TTS is always voice default

If a TTS exists in a country, it will be defined as default (what every user gets)

3. Appears in the voice list in the Waze app with the subtitle “including street names”.