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Ah, the "Mother of all Crossings"! We are lucky that almost all crossings look like this. It is possible to define each and every turnrestriction with a single node, and U-turns do not happen when all 4 roads in this junction are locked (No, there is no evidence for this. But each and everytime a simple crossing does allow a U-turn, at least one of the roads was found not to be locked).
This is an ugly crossing if you come from/go to the SW. You get a direction to "Turn left, turn right". First check if the double road can be made into a single one, so you get a SSSS. If that fails you may want to join the double lanes into a single node, creating a sort of half-mapcat-bowtie.
*2 Split roads crossing 2 simple roads (DDSS)
This one allows for U-turns to be made if you enter over one of the double lanes.
*3 Split roads crossing 1 simple road (DDDS)
Ugly! If you can not turn this one into a SSSS or DDSS, consider adding an extra fork on the single road and create a DDDD.
*4 Split roads crossing (DDDD)
This crossing allows U-turns in each and every direction if no precautions are taken.
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