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Best practices for different types of crossings
* Ad-hoc routing gets better if no U-turns are possible.
If you have to divert from the route you are navigating on, and leave the purple line, Waze will calculate a new route for you. If it is possible to make a U-turn chances are that Waze will send you through that U-turn back to where you came from - the purple line was the best route, after all. But - you may have diverted from the purple line with on purpose - to avoid a congestion that loomed in the next curve, or a road that is closed for repairs. If opportunities for a U-turn are rare it is more likely to happen that Waze will route you around the next block or two so that you get back on track AFTER the congestion.
 To be honest, this can not completely be remedied in edittingediting. Roundabouts will always allow U-turns, a small round around the block can still be fast enough to make another try at the first route.
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