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| style = color: {{#if:{{{color|}}}|white|black}}; background-color: {{#if:{{{color|}}}|#8FB838;|#B3BDB5;}} {{{style|}}}
| style = color: {{#if:{{{color|}}}|white|black}}; background-color: {{#if:{{{color|}}}|#8FB838;|#B3BFB3; border-color: black; border-width: 2px;}} {{{style|}}}|{{{1|Ramp}}}}}</includeonly><noinclude>{{doc|Template:Freeway/doc}}</noinclude>
| {{{1|Ramp}}}}}</includeonly><noinclude>{{doc|Template:Freeway/doc}}</noinclude>

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Use {{Ramp}} to create  Ramp  text.

Use {{Ramp|custom text}} to create  custom text  text.

Use {{Ramp|style= display: inline-block; width: 250px;}}
to create text with a certain width.


Use the |color=old1 parameter to get the old colors design (before June 2015) like this. {{Ramp|color=old1}}
Use the |color=old2 parameter to get the old colors design (before October 2015) like this. {{Ramp|color=old2}}

Each of the road type templates can also be styled to mimic a roundabout when used through the {{Roundabout}} template. Use {{Roundabout|Ramp}} to create


See the documentation for Template:Road for more customization options.

For a list of all available road type templates see the category list.

The above documentation is transcluded from Template:Freeway/doc.
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