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The algorithm / list of conditions
1.1. In some cases, T junctions could be considered as only 2 segments. See explanation on 'T junctions' below.
2. if the angle between s-out and the best continuation is larger than 45 degrees (and less than 180), the instruction is: 'TURN RIGHT'<br/>2.1 One assumption - this is because we assume that on primary roads (minor highways, major highways and freeways), we won't have turn angles which are larger no more than 45 degrees.(no sharp turns on higher-throughput roads); therefore, you never have something called an "exit" that has such an angle, and the instruction should be TURN, not EXIT
3. if s-out is determined to be the best continuation of s-in (explanation on 'best continuation' below), the instruction is: 'CONTINUE', which implies that the driver is not turning (i.e., going straight through the junction)
4. if s-in is a primary road and s-out is not a primary road, the instruction is: 'EXIT RIGHT'
6. if none of the above conditions is met, the instruction is: 'KEEP RIGHT'
== T junctions and one way roads ==
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