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Definitions : added an image showing the turn angle = suplementary angle
*'''Best Continuation: '''One of the segments leaving the junction will be considered the 'Best Continuation'. This is the segment that Waze determines is what drivers would consider the "no turning path" or "going straight" through the intersection. This segment will get a 'continue' instruction, which is ignored by the client app. The criteria Waze uses to determine which segment is the 'Best Continuation' is explained below.
*'''Primary road:''' refers to a highway segment ({{Freeway}}, {{Major Highway}}, or {{Minor Highway}}), not a {{Primary Street}}.
[[File:Turn angle geonode.png|300px|thumbnail|right]]
*The '''angle''' is the angle from the origin to the destination. A perfectly straight road with a junction in the middle would have a turn angle is 0°. The angle then gets wider as you turn to either side. A perfect left or right turn would be 90°. A U-turn at a junction between two segments would represent a 180° turn.<br>(A turn less than {{:How_Waze_determines_turn_/_keep_/_exit_maneuvers/Stay threshold}} will give a keep/stay instruction, vs. a turn more than {{:How_Waze_determines_turn_/_keep_/_exit_maneuvers/Turn threshold}} which gives a turn instruction.)
**In technical terms: The angle between the linear segment between the last geometry node of s-in and the junction and the linear segment between the junction and the first geometry node of sN is the supplementary angle to the angle of sN.
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