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* Any segments other ''the destination'' which leave the junction at an angle less than 44° will be referred to as '''''other branches''''', and corresponds to [[User:PesachZ/algorithm#Definitions|''s-N'', or ''s-1,2,3,4...'']] in the [[User:PesachZ/algorithm#The_algorithm_.2F_list_o,f_conditions|the algorithm text provided by Waze staff]].
* When the beginning portion two segments are directly on top of each other, meaning they both leave the junction at the exact same angle as each other, they will be referred to as an '''''overlapping segment'''''.
* Any road typed in Waze as a Freeway, Major Highway, or Minor Highway, will be referred to in this page as a '''[[Road_types/USA#Highways|highway]]'''.<br />
== The interactive algorithm ==
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