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When you're in navigation mode, you can see other friends also driving to the same destination now.

As you begin your navigation, you'll see towards the bottom of the 'Ready to go?' screen how many friends are online, and how many are driving to the same destination:

IMG 1278.PNG

By tapping: FrBtn.png

You will see a new window, showing your friends, sectioned into two tabs: All friends, and friends on the way:

IMG 1275.jpeg

At the top of the window, tap On the way for a list of friends who are en route, their real-time ETAs, and an indication of how far along they are towards the destination in relation to you:

IMG 1280.png

You can also get to the same window by clicking on:

IMG 1268222.png

At any time, show friends who are in a 1km radius around you.

When in Navigation also show friends who are:

  • 800m radius around your destination
  • 400m from both sides of your route

- friends can see other friends (or f of f too..) driving to their destination. They will not see their location or route, only their progress towards the shared destination.